Brian Barlay, L.Ac.    |    Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine


In ancient China a doctor’s role was to help keep people well: to prevent them from getting sick. This was done through diet, therapeutic exercises, herbs, and acupuncture. The central theme of Chinese medicine’s several thousand year history is balance. Through observation by both patient and doctor signs of deviation from the body’s normal state of balance are detected and corrected early on, before they result in serious health problems.


My role as a health care provider is to help my patients live healthier more balanced lives. Lifestyle changes can be difficult and part of my role is to give encouragement. I am also very practical and meet people where they are. If you come to see me for your back pain, allergies, menstrual problems or headaches these will be our first priority. During treatment many patients find they slow down, relax, and reconnect with themselves. Acupuncture treatments can be profoundly restorative, giving one a feeling of vibrancy and health from the inside.